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How My T3 Made Me a Better Salesperson

I started using life fitness equipment in 1997 when I did the body for life contest. My parents have a 6500 Lifecycle upright and that got me motivated enough to start going to bev francis' Golds Gym in Syosset, NY-the mecca of the east coast. In 1998 I started selling fitness equipment for a living and after learning my craft, I decided the Life Fitness T3 was the best tread for me. Being that I owned the equipment, eventually getting my own Lifecycle, as well as a 5500 elliptical, my story to the customer was not only easy, but true. Life Fitness is the best equipment available.

That statement, part of my "pitch" would be put to the test in 2004 when I sustained a devastating injury. I broke my ankle in 3 places, dislocated it, and suffered nerve and tendon damage. I had eight screws and a plate put in, and took nearly a year of rehab. I put on fifty pounds from not being able to train and even though I am a big guy, that was too much weight to deal with. I started walking, just a mile a day once I got cleared, and within a two months, I was up to three. It took a while before I was confident to get to a slow jog, but I trusted the T3 since the cushioning is the softest around.

Being in the industry, I had to practice what I preached, so I made up a routine consisting of three days weights and four days of cardio a week and the results were impressive. Within six months, on a bum ankle, I got back down to my body for life contest weight of 213lb with 11% body fat. I can say that Life Fitness is truly the best, as I live it every day for my self and my clients who have many choices, but once they hear my story, and Life Fitness' 40 plus year story, the choice is obvious. Not to steal your catch phrase, but it's what i live for.

First Name: Scott
Location: Centereach, New York
Product: T3 Treadmill
Year Purchased: 2000
Miles Traveled: 5181
Membership Level: Platinum

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